Top 5 Play-To-Earn Blockchain Games By Volume This Month

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Blockchain games are a tremendously popular concept in the cryptocurrency space these days. Everyone can enjoy a play-to-earn model, either with or without upfront investment requirements. The following five games have the most volume in the past month, with Binance Smart Chain solidifying its prominent position in this industry. 

Prelax (Binance Smart Chain)

Not everyone may be familiar with Prelax yet, even though the PvP battle game generates nearly $3.5 billion in monthly volume. In Prelax, players control different champions to achieve their goals. Objectives to explore include NFT farming, NFT battling, NFT fusions, and online Player vs. Player battles.

PEAX is the native currency of the game, which you can earn in the game through farming and battling. Despite a near 56% dropoff in users, the high monthly volume is impressive.  

Axie Infinity (Ronin/Ethereum)

No one needs an introduction to Axie Infinity anymore, as the game rose to the top in the play-to-earn gaming industry some time ago. It is still a very popular PvE and PvP game, despite some recent changes being made to the rewards players can earn. Axie Infinity has a 32% increase in monthly users and a monthly volume of $2.05 billion. Overall, very prominent statistics for the well-known play-to-earn game. 

Thetan Arena (Binance Smart Chain/Other)

Thetan Arena positions itself as an esports game where players can join their friends to battle against other teams. It is accessible on Android, iOS, and PC and can be played for free. There are numerous game modes to explore, including MOBA and Battle Royale, with new updates to come every month.

Players earn NFTs in the game, which you can sell on the marketplace. The native Thetan Coin is earned from special events, ranking rewards, quests, tournaments, guild ar, and the battle pass, and is a free-to-earn token. Monthly volume has risen to $2.01 billion, confirming overall interest in this game. 

DeFi Kingdoms (Harmony)

The DeFi Kingdoms offering spans a game, decentralized exchange, liquidity pool, and a utility-driven NFT market, all presented in fantasy pixel art. Game features include token swaps, liquidity pooling, gardens to unlock JEWEL tokens, staking, and more. Users will soon gain access to heroes and land to defend gardens and build their kingdoms. Buildings and equipment will arrive in early 2022.

Later on, there will be a PvE and PvP battle system for players to enjoy. With $934.5 million in monthly liquidity and a 148.16% increase in users, DeFi Kingdoms is a blockchain game to watch. 

ArmzLegends (Binance Smart Chain)

ArmzLegends is another play-to-earn NFT game on the Binance Smart Chain, Players must become powerful Armz and defeat legendary enemies to earn PROT tokens. The tokens are used to recruit more Armz or upgrade existing ones. Minting an Armz requires holding PROT and BNB.

Players can improve their winning chances through Boosts or increase their rewards with Staking. Additionally, Armz can have their rarity upgraded. The project notes $392.6 million in monthly volume and has over 35,300 players.

Source: DAppRadar

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