5 Metaverse Currencies Gaining Over 100% In Value This Week

The Metaverse is one of the following big things in blockchain technology. It is a term commonly used in blockchain gaming and can transform gaming and digital ownership for the better. Several Metaverse currencies noted a strong price performance this week, spotlighting some potentially exciting projects.

REALM (Realm.art)

The Metaverse will allow for intriguing dynamics between game worlds, art, user-generated content, and much more. Realm.art lets users create and explore their own play-to-earn Microverses. Personalization of the user experience can be a big draw, although it isn’t straightforward to pull off. Traders and investors take an interest in the native REALM token as it gained over 209% this week. Even so, the project has a market cap below $36 million. 

Neos Credits (Neos)

The Neos Metaverse experience focuses primarily on virtual reality and innovative features to enhance users’ experiences. Current features include messaging services, NCR transactions, full-body tracking, and facial tracking. The team intends to add a web browser, screen sharing, mesh editor, and mixed reality support in the future. Neos Credits, the native ecosystem asset, yielded a 195% price increase in a week, which is impressive. The project’s $49 million market cap may be undervalued, though. 

Render Token (Render Network)

Bringing distributed GPU rendering to the blockchain will pave the way for rendering the Metaverse. Opting for this approach removes the potential hardware limitations artists, creators, and developers may run into when building future ecosystems. Effectively, Render Network will democratize GPU cloud rendering. The Render Token is at the heart of the ecosystem, noting a 125.8% price increase this week. The market cap has risen to over $1.18 billion, confirming growing interest in this project. 

Spheroid Universe (Spheroid Universe)

The team behind Spheroid Universe aims to establish an extended reality Metaverse spanning art, culture, science, blockchain, development, decentralized finance, and more. Development of this Extend Reality is possible thanks to the Spheroid XR Cloud and Spheroid Script programing language supporting AR and XR. Essentially, it is infrastructure for future Metaverse developments, which explains why the token saw a 104% price increase this week. It is one of the few sub-$21 million market cap projects in this space today, although that may not remain the case much longer.

Revomon (Revomon)

As one of the few projects with a live beta version of its Metaverse, Revomon seems slightly ahead of competing solutions. Revomon combines immersive VR experiences with NFT technology to create real value in a virtual world. Users can turn their entertainment into a source of income through the play-to-earn model.  There is also staking and farming support for the REVO token, which yielded n 87.3% price increase in seven days. The market cap remains below $38 million, which is a bit surprising.

Source: CoinGecko

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